Saturday, 1 August 2015

The potato that refused to die!

                                                               8" x 11" $135.00

Banana Minimalism


Photo selected winer for Arteenelbaule Galeria, Modena, front page image for their web page -  in iternational contest.
(can't locate them on the web. maybe out of business since...)
I guess that is what sooner or later happens to all "not so nice" people.....
8" x 11" $135.00


                                                         "White"     8" x 11" $135.00

Surrey Central - Architect Bing Thom

Olvido abstracto


Ucluelet marina

Mossy scales

One of those Málaga sunsets....

Trawlers at Steveston

I left my ❤️ in Istanbul

A quick side step on our way to the elevator of rooftop restaurant...

Up close and almost intimate! I

Up close and almost intimate! II

Up close and almost intimate! III

"intimately" close...

There is so much  " delicious detail" to the simple petunia!

I wish I would rememeber its name.....

This is one of the many "exotic" plants found along the Mediterranean, I wish I would remember its name..... All the same, it is spectacular! 
(In a patio planter where I was staying by the beach)